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Given the unstable and often violent backgrounds our children come from, and their parents’ fluctuating incomes, it is imperative for Parikrma to address issues that a child faces at home, to prevent them hampering a child’s development. Our Community Development Services (CDS) manage this aspect of the Parikrma Model. The CDS team is manned by social workers with strong grassroots experience. They enjoy a rapport with families and are often the first point of contact. CDS workers form a bridge between the school and the family, constantly collaborating with teachers on solving problems stemming from the community.

What started as a small initiative today has transpired into a hugely successful programme – creating an ecosystem that provides subsistence to support entire communities. Today, Parikrma children from families, previously considered ‘unbankable’, have the right to choose a better way of life.

The Transformation: (as of July 2016)

Activities that figure routinely on the CDS calendar are:


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