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Parikrma is committed not only to changing the lives of the children, but also to influencing the broader landscape of education in the country – how we teach our children and how we think about and approach education. In response to the often-asked question about how Parikrma plans to scale the model, we are convinced that spreading, rather than scaling, the approach through dialogue and training will be far more effective than building more Parikrma schools and further stretching our already limited resources. Since we began in 2004, we have managed to create sensitive schools where application of life skills has made learning more tangible, viable and engaging. This is what the ETC will attempt to replicate among Government schools, by completely revamping the way a teacher is prepared for the classroom.

Through the Education Transformation Centre (ETC), launched in July 2014, Parikrma creates and offers teacher training modules to teachers, other NGO workers, school administrators and social entrepreneurs, fostering excellence in the teaching and learning process. The ETC is committed to resurrecting pride in the teaching profession by enhancing the teacher community’s self-worth and empowering them with the right attitude and skills to become powerful catalysts for nation building and universal change.

The ETC, inaugurated in July 2014, has achieved the following to date:

- Trained 170 teachers and 60 headmasters from 120 Government Schools situated in Bangalore North.

- Commissioned an independent fact finding and research exercise about the status of teacher training in the state

- Created modules that address among other things, the application of life skills to teaching, changing teaching perspectives, facilitating an improved understanding of self, application of concept delivery methodologies and working with the community

Some of the key areas that the ETC will impact –

Next step

The ETC plans to venture into newer clusters of government schools, reach out to private schools to widen the reach and explore opportunities for collaboration and develop student workshops as well.

Parikrma has been successful in signing an MOU with the Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT) and over the next 5 years, will reach out to at least 100 government schools across Bangalore, train more than 500 teachers in the process and thus positively impact the education of almost 100,000 students studying in these schools.


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