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What sets Parikrma apart is not just its commitment to the quality of education but also its emphasis on exposure and wholesome development, to ensure that every child discovers a field that he/she loves and excels in – Be it proficiency in English or Technology, Skills in Sports or Art, or collaborating with people around the world. We understand the importance of making education relevant to our new-age world. It is this relevance that makes even the poorest child a responsible New World Citizen.

Key Initiatives

Universe 2 U

Universe 2 U is our children’s window to the world. Through a rigorous program of visits to museums, parks and science fairs, guest talks by eminent scientists from around the world, workshops and projects, our children take science beyond the classroom. A Space Club run by a NASA veteran, a Nature Club and a Mechanics Club help our children learn the wonders of the world, inspiring a new generation of aspiring astronauts, conservationists and aeronautical engineers.

Sports Initiative

Sport, a great unifier, is an integral part of our education at Parikrma. We provide a physical training program that helps our children develop motor skills and improve their physical conditioning. Through the United Parikrma Sports Program we identify and train talented children for football, athletics, kabaddi, and taekwondo. Parikrma children frequently win several accolades at inter-school tournaments, and many have gone on to represent the state.

Creative Initiatives

We at Parikrma are firm believers in art as a form of therapy. It is not only used as a medium to help unleash the potential of each child, but also make the most of its therapeutic influence.

Book Club

An initiative supported by UNESCO, Parikrma in affiliation with international schools  in the US, UK and Europe. Read chosen books twice every month and discuss and share their perspective opinions virtually. This interaction has opened doors to world view that is the foundation for the development of our Global Citizenship Program.


Uninterrupted Silent Sustained Reading  is compulsory reading for 40 minutes every day by the entire school.

Yellow Room

Football practice has been transferred to our disciplinary measures that is child friendly and yet is taken seriously.

Friendship Bench

Identified corners in the school invite children who need a friend.

Buddy System

Identified group leaders encourage group studies, both in school and at home.

The value of a hug 

Children are given constant warmth and encouragement through a simple hug.

Dog Project 

Children are taught to empathise and be the voice for the voiceless. Each school has a dog mascot that are taken care by the children themselves.

Happiness Project 

The success of the school does not depend on what grades the children have scored but how happy they are, which is measured and monitored.

Quality Control 

Quality Managers provide leadership and sharing of Parikrma Beliefs in a consistent manner across all schools.

Remedial Program

As a part of our ‘one child at a time’ philosophy, remediation is given to all children individually to be at par with the rest of the class.

Personal Growth Lab

As an extension of teacher development, simulated lab environment is created where teachers themselves learn to Love, Explore, Excel and find new interrelations to behavior.

Adolescent Labs

Address WHO’s new definition of adolescence, teachers go through a sensitizing process.

Circle time

Quality time shared between the teacher and the students to encourage them to probe issues and debate.



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