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An initiative by Parikrma in collaboration with the Singapore International Foundation (SIF). The key focus of the project was to enlighten the community - Mothers are educated on basic nutrition, hygiene and alternative food sources to ensure healthier diets for their family within their limited budget. The project addresses the high incidence of underweight and malnourished children, and hence, creates sustainable nutritional improvements for communities. The project has directly benefitted more than 1,450 children (from marginalized families) between the ages of 5 and 17, and more than 1,200 families - a total of 6,000 individuals in 3 years.


‘Water’ was the theme for The Parikrma Festival of Science 2015.  Through the five days of the festival, the two hundred students that came from twenty different schools waded through refreshing ideas, discussed and debated on the demands of water resources, splashed water colours on white canvases and finally allowed the stream of thoughts to flow into further action. And as a result of this came the memorandum to the Commissioner of BWSSB and the offer to adopt a lake and rejuvenate it. 
The Allalasandra Lake had twenty schools and two hundred students who came in religiously every month to tend the lake as part of the Parikrma Festival of Science Post Festival Engagement. 

A partnership was forged with YUVA – the group of conscientious volunteers that guided the students in the project.

 Four core areas were identified and activities began in earnest:

1. LAKE DAY [ Sept 19 2015]:   The students visited the Allalasandra Lake and the Sewage Treatment Plant for the briefing of the lake project. They were given an introduction to the water flow to and from Allalasandra lake and connecting water bodies in North Bangalore 

2.ENVIRONMENT DAY [ 3 Oct 2015]: The students studied the flora and fauna, and listed the migratory birds that came to the adjoining lakes ad on this day, there were a host of activities such as painting and cleaning the lake.
3. COMMUNITY DAY [Nov 17 2015]: To create awareness on how lakes get polluted and the after effects, students prepared a questionnaire and interviewed different communities (apartment, domestic, commercial) around the lake, on the cause/effect/work undertaken at lake & resulting improvements

4.  ENZYME DAY [ 5 Dec 2015]: Sewage entering the lake premises and at the sewerage-holding area was identified and water cleaning natural enzymes were introduced to the water as a closure event to the Parikrma festival of Science. The lake water was tested before and after by KSPCB [ Karnataka State Pollution Control Board] to evaluate the efficacy of the enzymes introduced by the students


On the 24th of August, a few Grade 9 students from Parikrma & Delhi Public School (DPS, North, Bangalore) did something truly extraordinary through the 'Light Up Lives' project. Recently, Parikrma partnered with DPS & Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Energy (MGIRED) & decided to raise funds and provide a solar lighting system to two houses in a hamlet located in the Kanakapura Wildlife Range.

These two homes are mud huts with thatched roofs & have no form of electricity. The students along with the MGIRED team took a day out, visited the hamlet, spent time with the family and finally lit up their lives all in a day's span. Seeing the joy on the faces of the families when the first bulb came 'Alight' made the long journey and trek to the hamlet worthwhile. This is just the beginning for us as there are so many more lives to light up…

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